Out in the country (Ruigoord near Amsterdam)


The Mythago kennel.

In the early 90’s we decided to breed whippets. We chose the name “Mythago” for our Kennel, Mythago is an aggregation of the words myth and image. This name directs to our interest in magical realism. Our logo resembles Aladin’s wonderlamp, out of wich a whippet appears. Our gool is to breed whippets that are both beautiful and functional (dual purpose). Most of all we aim to breed a self-confident familydog with a pleasant and outgoing nature. Out of each litter we breed, we usualy keep two pups to find out if we  have succeeded in our aim.


Some general information.

The whippet is except for the Italian Greyhound the smallest of the sighthounds. The whippet is an affectionate and intelligent dog. A whippet has a great understanding, is smart and loves being part of the familiy. They are not the be kept in kennels. Whippets enjoy doing all kind of things with the familiy. You can take them on holiday, a walk in the country and they are excellent sporting dogs (show, coursing, racing, agility). Whippets are not aggressive, even barking is an exception. It is notable that on events, with sometimes over a hundred sighthounds, there is no barking and no fighting.


On holiday at Krenglbach (Austria)

The whippet is reasonably obedient, as long as the owner applies the rules consequently. 

Sporting with your whippet is great fun. The way to succes is a good relationship with your dog. Of course training and the right nutrion are also important. The whippet does not need much care. They like to keep themselves clean and do not smell. Having a thin coat they are more temperature sensitive than thick hairy breeds. In winter and with icey cold rain our whippets wear a nice, warm fleece. They like to sleep under a blanket.

Being a sighthound the whippet will react on everything that moves. Even a fluttering piece of plastic or paper. Never let a whippet run free were near traffic or barbed wire. The whippet for this reason is not suitable to be walked by small children. 

Daily exercise is required tot keep your dog in a healthy condition. With a proper feeding, a good condition and a happy family life the whippet can live to high age. 




Whippetracing (on weight)