Mythago's Enigma (Riddle)


Riddle was born on 24 september 2003.  Why Riddle ?, she is Enigma. Her mother is Odessa van de Hooge Berg (Maartje) and her father is Zorneagles Fernando (Freddy). She resembles her father. This year she started her racing career. She is full of promise.  Riddle is the mother of the Mythago G litter with father Xantho Vulture van de Spaarnemeute. She proofed to be a good mother. In 2010 she became the mother of the Mythago H litter, with father Boxing Helena's Epos Ena.





Riddle in black


Riddle (red jacket) at Den Haag


Riddle in blue in the Friendshipraces at Mlada Boleslav (TjechiŽ) 


Satisfaction garanteed


Riddle with her Mythago G litter



 Riddle at the last Derby at Den Haag


The Mythago H litter