Mythago's Ardjoena (DJ)


DJ was very courageous puppy.  



Mythago's Black Marble (Lennox)


Lennox was a daughter of Pepper. At the age of 3 she died because of a nasty viral infection. Lennox was a brave little show- and coursing dog. 




Jet of the Quick Hunters (Jet)


Jet joined our family at the age of 4 years. After living in kennels she was grateful to live in out house. She was a very happy and loving dog.    



Arabesque van de Polderrakkers (Ziggy)


Ziggy was born to run. Racing was she ever wanted. She was a crack. 


  Mythago's Benetton (Bowie)


Bowie was our coursingcrack. He was the first Dutch Coursing Champion. He was a sweet and gentle dog.



Sylvan Dwellings Pepper


Pepper was our first whippet. She had a mind of her own. She remained very beautifull to the end. 



The death of Pepper ends an era.This photograph has been taken ten years ago in Lostallo (Switzerland). The members of the Mythago pack in 1994 were (fltr) Jet, Bowie, Pepper, Lennox and Ziggy.   


Mythago's Chapterhouse

Deli was a daughter of Ziggy. Deli was allways positive about live.


Luna Nowy Celerrimus

Luna was a sweet and gentle dog. She loved the water.


Łoza Celerrimus (Jagoda)

For others a character, for us a golden dog.


Mythago's Campari (Djati)

Djati was a daughter of Ziggy. She had a strong character.

Dizzy-Lizzy Assisi

Chelsea was een very strong dog. She guarded us till the end.

Mythago's Dow Jones

Janse was a very happy dog. She had funny habits.


Odessa van de Hooge Bergh

Maartje was the mother of our whippets.



Mythago's Donatello

Nasdaq, our champion!

Mythago's Moss Garden

Willow, man about the house. European coursing champion.


Usia Full Speed

Nova, suddenly she came into our lives, suddenly she disappeared. Soulmate.